About Our Tours

Japan Activist Tours is an international group that organizes tours for study and exposure to different locations of political, social and cultural importance in Japan. While there are many opportunities to see tea ceremony tours or go on trips to Disneyland, our goal is to expose activists, academics and citizens from all countries to different sites in Japanese where groups and individuals are struggling for social justice, equality and voice.

We will periodically organize tours, usually but not always in conjunction with other events that bring people and attention to Japan. We will conduct the tours bilingually, in Japanese and English, whenever possible. (Contact us regarding other languages.) In principle, they will be open to all. If you would like us to create a tour for your group, please contact us.

Japan Activist Tours are organized by a collective of scholars and activists. The fees we charge cover our expenses plus a donation to our partner social movement organizations.

If you would like to help us organize tours, we are always happy to collaborate.



One comment

  1. Please let me know when you repeat the Shibaura Slaughterhouse Tour. I would like to travel from the US for the educational tour. I have studied your slaughter industry, the workers (Burakumin) and the prejudice against them, and the Unions in your country. My daughter, an Animal Science major, would accompany me. Also accompanying me would be my son. Thank you very much for your activist tour opportunities.

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